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Since 1945, YMCA Camp Shaver has been providing quality, fun & educational programs for boys & girls throughout New Mexico and the Southwest. Join us for an experience that will last a lifetime. Camp offers a variety of programs and services to meet your needs throughout the year. Located in the inspiring Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, whether traditional summer resident camp or any of our off-season programs, Camp Shaver provides the youth of today a safe, fun and awe-inspiring setting to develop self-esteem, personal character, learn teamwork, gain a sense of community, and develop an appreciation and respect for the environment.


We realize that every family has a different financial situation. To help ensure that your child can experience the magic of camp, we have a 3-tier pricing system. Please take a moment to look at the rate descriptions and determine which one your family is able and willing to pay for your child’s camp experience. This is strictly an honor system: select the fee and dates that are right for your family. This program is voluntary and in no way influences the experience children receive.

Rate A
This fee is based on the actual cost to operate camp programs including wear and tear and depreciation.

Rate B
This fee is partially subsidized and does not include wear and tear and depreciation.

Rate C
This is our traditionally subsidized rate and does not reflect the true cost of operating camp programs.

*Forms for additional financial assistance can be obtained at any Y branch.


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