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Each cabin is led by two counselors, often drawn from Alumni who have come back to work at Camp Shaver. They are enthusiastic, friendly, energetic and very creative! Every year our staff goes through Staff Training, regardless if they were an employee in years past. We also require that every staff member takes a drug test before they are officially offered the job.


  • Phil Beam
    Phil has been working professionally in YMCA camping since 1992, and has been at Camp Shaver since 2004. He is a proud father of three and a husband for twenty five years. Phil’s interests include traveling, photography, and hiking.
    Cell: (505) 480-7417

    Jewell Robideau
    Teen Development Director
    This will be Jewell’s third summer at camp. She is currently studying Biochemistry at New Mexico State University. Her goal is to attend medical school and become a pediatrician in the NICU. When she isn’t at camp, Jewell enjoys listening to music and doing anything outside.

    Brian Gerike
    Trip Director
    This will be Brian’s second summer at camp. He just graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University. When his head isn’t stuck in the clouds obsessing about airplanes, he can be overheard rambling about becoming a hermit in the woods.

    Kate Ford-Beam
    Head Cook
    This will be Kate’s thirteenth year at Camp Shaver. She is a mother of three wonderful children and works in Rio Rancho Public Schools as a kindergarten teacher. She is quite British, obsessed with yoga, and hopes to be a bumble bee when she grows up.

    Conner Powles
    Senior Counselor
    This will be Connor’s first summer at camp, as he traveled all the way from England to work at Camp Shaver. He is currently a second year Acting student at the university of Chichester. He enjoy’s making people laugh, going on new adventures and singing when no ones listening. He hopes to continue with acting in the future but is also very keen on becoming a teacher so he can teach and inspire others to follow their dreams.

    Lottie Crompton
    Senior Counselor
    This will be Lottie’s second summer at camp. She is currently studying Biomedical Science at the University of Durham in England. When she grows up she wants to travel all around the world and pretend not to be a real adult. In my free time I like doing anything outside, playing sport and drinking several cups of tea a day.


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