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Banner #8What is the LIT program?

The Camp Shaver LIT program is for young adults 15 years of age who want to take their camp experience to the next level. The program is three weeks long with each week growing and building our LIT’s into strong leaders.

Week 1

- Each LIT will be assigned a cabin with other LIT’s of the same gender. During this week, each LIT will get to know their fellow colleagues and build strong relationships.

- They will participate in morning workshops to include: CPR and First Aid, high ropes and belaying, leadership styles, games, team-building, and much more.

- They will spend the afternoon on hikes, observing counselors leading activities, and doing activities of their own.

Week 2

- LIT’s will begin to plan their own menu and pack their gear for camping.

- They will hit the trail for the LIT backpacking trip, commonly known as “The 4-day.”

- On “The 4-day”, they will learn wilderness survival, Leave No Trace principles, and orienteering.

- Once they return to camp, they will feel independent, stronger, and smellier than when you left!

Week 3

- Now the fun begins! They will live in a cabin group with campers, staff, and a CIT.

- They will finally get the chance to put all they have learned about teaching, mentoring, and leading to the test by helping out in the cabin and in classes.


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