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Group Rental

Civic organizations
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From mid April to the end of May and from early August to early October, Camp Shaver is available for group rentals.

Camp Shaver Offers Group Flexibility

You just tell us what to do! We can be a host for your event or you can do it all yourself.

Camp Shaver has 110 beds, a dining hall, as well as several meeting rooms. Our cabins are open air cabins that are not heated or equipped with electricity and our bathhouse has 8 showers with hot and cold water.


Day use only: $8.00 per person
Overnight: starts at $12.00 per person per night
Meals we serve: $6.00 per person per meal
Kitchen rental: $250.00 per day
Exclusive camp rental (your group only): starts at $800.00 per day. This includes dinning hall access, kitchen access, and sleeping accommodations.

Please contact our Director Phil Beam to discuss your next event:
(505) 480-7417


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