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YMCA Camp Shaver has been in operation since 1945. Since then countless individuals have come to summer camp in the Jemez mountains, either as campers, cits, staff, volunteers, or some combination there of. The Alumni of Camp Shaver play an invaluable role in its continuing improvement.

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Order of the Raven
The Order of the Raven is a society for long time alumni of Camp Shaver that was formed in 2010. We are a small group that has both shown a dedication to Camp Shaver and pledged our continuing support for Camp Shaver.

Requirements to enter
The Order of the Raven one of the following:
• Attended Camp Shaver as either camper or staff for 10 years in a row
• Made a significant monetary or in kind donation to Camp Shaver, as determined by the current members of The Order of the Raven In addition members must pledge to give of their Time, Talent, and Treasure to Camp Shaver for at least the next 20 years.

Current Members
The current members of The Order of the Raven are:

  • Howard Strunk (1932-2011)
  • Cole Tuffli
  • Travis Balch
  • Ryan Wortman
  • Laurie Hedrich
  • Steve Malins
  • Adam Brue
  • Kate “Fred” Garrette
  • Kevin Hedrich
  • Eugene “Russell” Gaik

•contact us for more information regarding The Order of the Raven.

Alumni Members
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